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A member wishing to resign from membership may do so by tendering the resignation in writing to the HO with a copy to the state/local branch. His/her resignation shall take effect immediately and such member ipso facto ceases to be a member of the local branch, state branch and the HO.

A member whose subscription remains unpaid after the last date, i.e. by December 31st of every year, shall become a defaulter and his/her membership will be automatically terminated.

  • If the conduct of any member shall be deemed by the CC or state EC or local branch EC, prejudicial to the interest of the Association or calculated to bring the dental profession or the Association into disrepute, in violation of the rules and regulations of the Association or who is creating obstacles and hurdles in the working of the Association, that member shall be asked to submit a written explanation as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against him/her for his/her conduct.

  • In the event of the explanation being found unsatisfactory, the member may be asked either to apologise or to resign from the Association. If the member is agreeable, his/her apology or resignation shall be accepted, In case of a branch member, the matter shall be referred to the CC through the state branch, giving details of the case for further reference.

  • In the event of the said member refusing either to apologise or to resign, an EOGM of his parent branch shall be convened to consider the case and notice of at least 7 days, in case of a local branch, 14 days, in case of a state branch, and 21 days in case of HO, shall be given to the member concerned. The member shall be given an opportunity to explain his/ her conduct.

  • If at the meeting 60% of the total strength of members present, record their votes in favour of removal of the member's name from membership, the resolution shall be sent to the CC through the state branch for confirmation. The members name shall be removed from the register of membership of the local branch/ state branch/HO, only after receipt of the confirmation.

  • Before the CC gives its final decision, the member shall have the right to appeal. However in the meantime, the member shall be suspended from all privileges of membership.

  • A member who is not qualified but who has secured admission on misrepresentation shall automatically cease to be a member - on the same day.

  • If any member does not possess the requisite qualifications to join as a member in a state/local branch or HO but has been admitted by the state/local branches, such information shall be brought to the notice of the CC and a detailed enquiry will be conducted by the HSG regarding the member's credentials and the facts placed before the CC.

  • If the CC decides that the concerned member is not qualified to become a member of the Association, an explanation shall be sought from the concerned member, giving 15 days time for the member to justify his/her case.

  • If the member prefers to appear before the CC and explain his/her case, he may be given an opportunity. After receiving the member's explanation or after hearing the member, if the CC is convinced that the member does not posses the requisite qualification to be admitted as member, he/she shall be removed from the rolls of the state/local branch and HO forthwith and it shall be intimated to the member and the local and state branch.

  • In the event of the member not responding to the letter sent by HO, by registered post, in due time before the last date mentioned in the letter, the decision of the CC shall be final and binding on the member.

  • If any member floats/forms another dental association parallel and detrimental to the IDA at a regional or All India level, he/she shall be removed from the membership of the IDA.

  • Any member of IDA joining the parallel Association shall also be removed from membership of the Association. (This does not apply to speciality societies. While removing, the procedure as laid in Sub Section C (By removal of name on the ground of undesirable conduct shall be followed.)

No member shall be entitled to ask for any refund of the membership fees, either in whole or part thereof.

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