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  • A dental surgeon who wishes to apply for membership for IDA has to fill application in both online and separate IDA application form (hard copy-this need to be posted or handed in person to the local branch after duly filling it ) which can be downloaded in downloads section of the website. Payment of subscription should be done only online.

  • If by any means membership lapses/ceases again point (a) of this section should be followed.

  • The Hon. Secretary of the branch will have the authority to first scrutinize the application form and other supporting documents. If the Secretary has any doubts or reservations, he will refer the case to the EC for their decision. He cannot reject the membership without the consent of the EC.

  • After verification, if all documents are found to be in order and to the satisfaction of the Secretary/EC, the approval will be passed and the member will be informed and enrolled subsequently.

  • The original application forms, along with the photograph shall be dispatched to HO for its records immediately. The local branch shall forward two copies of the application to the state branch after admission and the state branch shall forward one copy to HO for information.

  • In the event of false information, the application will automatically get cancelled.

  • If the Branch Executive decides with a 2/3rd majority to not admit the applicant in the larger interest of the branch, the application shall be rejected and the applicant will be intimated. In case the applicant appeals to state branch/HO, the decision of CC shall be final.

  • The decision in granting or rejecting membership applications by HO is final and cannot be canvassed in any court of law, as the association is a voluntary body and the rights to admission are reserved.

  • By becoming member of the local or state branch a member will automatically become member of the central organization.

  • HO will process the form and only HO can issue the identity/membership card to members.

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