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Dental Surgeon will apply for membership in the prescribed application form and will abide by the following pre-requisites:

  • He/she should be a dental surgeon registered under Part A of the Indian Dentists' Act, 1948. (Graduates). In areas where the Indian Dentists' Act has not been enforced and no registration has taken place, members of the dental profession eligible to be registered under Part A (Graduates only).

  • A dental surgeon with Part-B Registration of the Indian Dentists Act 1948 and who is already a member in good standing, as on 31st January 1998, without any arrears shall continue to be a member. There shall not be any further admission of Part-B Registered Dental Practitioners in local / state branches & HO.

  • An applicant should not have been convicted by any competent court of law for any cognisable offence; and should not be of unsound mind or insolvent. He/she should not have been engaged in any activity detrimental to the interest of any association. While joining he/she should sign a declaration to that effect in the application form.

  • The applicant should not be involved in any litigation with any association.

  • In the case of student membership, he/she should be an undergraduate student, studying up to internship from a dental institution, recognized / approved by the Dental Council of India. The application form should bear the Principal's signature and the stamp of the institution.

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