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CDE - Continuing Dental Education

Dental Surgeon will apply for membership in the prescribed application form and will abide by the following pre-requisites:

  • Dental education must appropriately address community needs for the new millennium. Educational outcomes need to include a commitment to life-long learning and an emphasis on professional ethics and moral responsibility. Definition of Continuing Dental Education.

  • Continuing Dental Education consists of educational activities designed to review existing concepts and techniques, convey information beyond the basic dental education and update knowledge on advances in scientific, clinical and non-clinical practice related subject matter, including evidence based dentistry.

  • The objective is to improve the knowledge, skills and ability of the individual to provide the highest quality of service to the public and professional. Continuing dental education should strengthen the habits of enquiry and balanced judgment and makes it possible for knowledge to be incorporated into the practice of dentistry.

  • Continuing education programmes are designed for part-time enrollment and are usually of short duration, although longer programmes with structured, sequential curricula may also be included within this definition.

CDE Registration

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